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J Fuller Interiors offers a variety of full-service design solutions to fit a multitude of projects, big or small. Each offering follows an efficient, multi-step design process to help ensure projects run smoothly.



Building a new home can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Sit back and let us do all the work for you. Our boutique design studio will work closely with you and your builder to make certain your new home journey is everything you dreamed it to be.

Our New Build/ Remodel phases include:

  • Conceptual Plans / Scope

  • Design Development

  • Hard Finish Selections

  • Construction Documents and Spec Sheets

  • Ongoing Job Site Visits

  • Post Construction Full-Service Design


Full-Service design takes place for clients seeking to have a turn-key experience in the floor planning, furniture selections and sourcing, procurement, and installation processes for their entire home. 

Our Full-Service Design phases include:

  • Discovery Meetings

  • Floor Plan / Design / Furniture Layout / Selections / Presentations

  • Project Management / Procurement 

  • Installation / Project Completion / Photos


Out of town clients can have access to our full boutique design experience from afar. Processes work exactly like full-service projects. Our design assistants will guide you through the needed information and photos to get your project started. Clients can also arrange and request to have Judi and assistant travel to your location for initial consultations and limited site visits.  Travel fees will apply.


Need answers on your design dilemmas? Want advice on how to make a space more functional and put together?  Ever dreamed of having a curated space that fits exactly your style and taste but don’t know where to begin? Need a second opinion on the advice your contractor gave you? Now you can get those answers and more. 
An “Ask Judi” session allows you the opportunity to book a one-hour appointment via Zoom or phone call whereby she will answer all your design dilemmas. Feel free to share a document or a list of questions in advance, along with supporting materials like room photos, inspirations, blueprints, or drawings.
We can cover a range of design related topics within the session, such as finishes, fixtures, paint selections, cabinetry, decor, shopping recommendations, and more! Get the answers you need and book a session today!

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  • What do I need to know about hiring an interior designer?
    Hiring an interior designer is a luxury service allowing you to sit back and let the process come to you instead of dealing with stressful decisions and questions for which you don’t have the answers. Designers make hundreds of decisions per project that the average person wouldn’t even think to ask about. We have the professional knowledge and know how to create a functional, liveable space perfectly curated to your specification. In addition to helping you create a beautiful home, designers can also help you define a budget and scope of work for your project. They also have the connections and recommendations to help you hire the right contractors to complete the work.
  • What does an interior designer do and how are they different than an architect or contractor?
    An interior designer’s focus is the form and function of a space. They partner with clients to achieve a desired aesthetic and design that enhances their lifestyle. Designers collaborate with other professionals—like architects and contractors—as needed, based on the type and scale of the project. Architects’ expertise is in building and structure, so they will need to be looped in to move or remove walls. A contractor will build from the design plans created by the architect and/or designer.
  • How does the process work?
    The first step is to complete an inquiry form. After the inquiry form is received, we'll contact you to schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone call to further review your project. If we're a good fit, we move to scope of work meeting or call. During this consultation we'll have a more in-depth discussion of the spaces, talk through the details of timeline, budget and specific concerns to create a complete scope of work. We use this information to propose an estimation of the hours for work. (The proposal is an estimation only for general budgeting purposes and can assume changes if the S.O.W changes mid project). We then present our proposal and discuss our plan for executing the design.
  • Do you welcome clients' opinions and perspectives?
    During our discovery and consultation phase we work hard getting to know our clients and strive to get a full sense of the desired goals for their home. We enjoy collaborating with clients who understand and trust our processes. We prefer our clients leave the selections for the project to our team of talented designers and welcome their feedback after the presentations. We are happy to make the necessary revisions, ensuring you love the final design and feel confident with your purchases.
  • How do you establish your design fees?
    Each project presents its own unique circumstances. Selections of hard finishes for new builds and remodels are typically contracted on an agreed upon monthly flat fee based on the length of the project. The design and decor phase of projects are charged hourly based on time spent working. We will provide you with a proposal, where we review the scope of the work, the budget, and provide an estimation of our design fees based on projected hours. Billing for design fees will take place monthly around the 1-5th of the month. More info is provided upon signing the letter of agreement.
  • How do you present your design ideas?
    For our local clients, we present all the details during an in-person presentation. We provide as many samples as possible and walk you through the proposed design. To further enhance the visuals, upon request we add full 3D renderings for the space. Distance design clients will have the option to fly out members of our teams to the site location or schedule a Zoom meeting for the presentation. A shipment containing physical samples will be sent in advance of the meeting to allow our clients to visually inspect and experience the items.
  • Do you work with our contractor or provide your own?
    We prefer you to bring your own builder/renovator and contract with them directly. We then request a sit-down meeting with all parties to discuss the details of the S.O.W. before the project begins and make certain everyone is clear on our end game. We speak our contractor's language, and they find our detailed construction documents to be a huge aid for them to ensure no detail is lost in translation. Occasionally a client will not have any leads for contractors. In this case, we will offer referrals to the ones we have worked with successfully in the past.
  • What is an expected project timeline?
    Every project is different and with supply chains project timelines have become harder to predict. Our furnishing and small renovation projects are taking between 6-12 months and our new build construction and whole house remodeling projects are always a year or more. We highly encourage prospective clients to reach out 6-12 months prior to the start of a project. Good design takes time, and we like to be fully prepared when construction starts. Better estimations can be given after consultation and scope of work are considered.
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